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Oshawa Dodgers Suspend Operations

It is with sadness and disappointment we announce that the Oshawa
Dodgers are suspending operations for the 2010 season as we look
for a buyer for the team.  There are many factors that have gone in to
making this decision, most notably changes the league is
implementing with regards to limiting the number of junior age players
teams can sign, instituting a minimum age and preventing the signing
of players rostered to another team. This will effectively eliminate our
affiliation with the Ontario Blue Jays.  Without a junior team in Oshawa,
having the smallest per capita minor baseball registration in the league
and virtually no support from our local community, it would be very
difficult to field a competitive team.  Our interpretation of the Intercounty
Baseball League has always been to try and obtain the best players
possible regardless of age, sex, race etc…. however the league seems
to be taking the direction that the IBL should be a predominantly senior
league.  We are not prepared to be members of a league where rosters
are based on age over ability.

The past eight years have seen the Dodgers experience many ups and
downs.  From our very first game in the IBL, to making the playoffs in
our inaugural season, seeing numerous players drafted and play
professionally and in 2008 winning the only playoff series in team
history.  Tragically, we cannot forget the 2006 season which saw the
loss of Dodgers Founder and Coach Troy May.  At that point there was a
very real possibility the team would not go on, however after a very long
off-season, we decided to carry on Troy’s legacy and continue the
Oshawa Dodgers.  There are many people who have helped us along
the way who we would like to take this opportunity to thank.

First and foremost we would like to acknowledge our official scorer Neil
Luxton who has been our most dedicated volunteer since the Dodgers
inception in 2002.  We’ve seen first-hand how difficult and time-
consuming this position can be.  Thank you Neil for your loyalty and
sticking by as through the good and bad times.

Tom Manley and Al Smith are two volunteers who have also been
invaluable to our organization.  Both of these men were at our disposal
on game days, doing whatever was necessary to help the team.  

It is because of Mike Prosper that the Dodgers went beyond the 2006
season.  We thank Mike for his friendship, guidance and support during
a difficult time.  He has always been there for us for anything we need
and we are grateful for such a true friend.

The 2007 season saw Phil Stone return to the Dodgers in a much
larger capacity.  Phil took on many responsibilities which included
renovating Kinsmen Stadium, operating the snack bar, securing
sponsorship, promoting the team and in his spare time playing third
base!  Phil was honoured as our first recipient of the Troy May “Mr.
Everything” Award of which he was so deserving.  Thank you Phil for all
your hard work.  It will never be forgotten.

Many players have crossed our path these past eight years.  We have
been extremely fortunate in forming friendships that have come to
mean a lot to us, a few of whom we would like to acknowledge.  For
seven seasons Ken Calway was the face of the franchise.  He was our
most recognizable player and I think everyone would agree one of the
nicest people you could meet.  We want to thank Ken for wearing the
Dodgers jersey proudly and supporting us on and off the field.  

Ryan Crotin is arguably the best player to ever don a Dodgers uniform.  
To this day he holds many of the Dodgers team records and was a
great role model and team leader.  No matter where his travels have
taken him, we know his heart has remained with the Dodgers.  Thank
you Ryan for continuing to keep in touch, it means a lot to us.

Aaron Gordon is another player who has had a tremendous impact on
us and who we would like to thank for all he has done for the Dodgers
throughout the years.  He was always there with encouragement and
ready to lend a helping hand if we needed it and for that we are
extremely thankful.

Two players who have had the biggest impact on us personally are
Craig Megill and Brian Sewell.  Words cannot describe what these two
players have meant to our family.  They are both fantastic individuals
who made the Dodgers more than just a baseball team and we are
grateful for all they have done and continue to do to support us.

In a league where good players are often tempted by better offers as
we have seen with former players who have been enticed away by other
teams, two players stand out with their loyalty and dedication.  Adam
Garner, one of the best pitchers in the Intercounty Baseball League the
past few seasons, has remained devoted to our club since his first
season in 2003 as a junior call-up and has been a huge asset and one
of the key factors in the most exciting moment in team history, beating
Barrie in our 2008 playoff series.  Greg Byron has also been a loyal
member of the Dodgers organization.  He has brought so much to the
team in both his play and intensity.  He has been someone we can
count on in key situations and is just an all-around great person.  Greg
has taken the May boys under his wing and has been a great role
model and mentor.

Christmas of 2007 brought a very unique gift to the Dodgers.  It was
then that Dan Bleiwas took on the role of President of Baseball
Operations and Field Manager.  Dan brought an impressive resume as
an MLB Scout in addition to his role operating the Ontario Blue Jays.  
Dan created excitement and optimism at a time when morale was low
and we weren’t sure how we would proceed.  Despite the misgivings of
some, Dan turned out to be the best thing that has happened to the
Dodgers.  He changed the team’s philosophy, bringing in fresh new
faces and creating a buzz about the team around the league.  In hiring
Dan, Oshawa was rewarded in seeing some of the best young
baseball talent in all of Canada.   We appreciate Dan’s efforts more
than he will ever know and are proud of what he was able to
accomplish.  He has put tremendous time and effort into this
endeavour.  Thank you Dan for all you have done for us.  It was
because of you we experienced some of the best moments in the
history of the team and you have always treated us with nothing but
respect. Although our roles with the Dodgers are ending, we will always
consider you a good friend.
We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention Sean Travers and the
hard work and dedication he put in to making the Dodgers a success.  
He took a chance on us and we thank him for his commitment day in
and day out.  Sean is a fantastic person with a great heart.

We would also like to thank all our volunteers, our loyal fans and
season ticket holders, and Oshawa Minor Baseball for their continued
support.  It has meant a lot to us and we will miss everyone we have
come into contact with throughout our time with the Dodgers.

To the players and coaches, we want to thank you for choosing to play
for the Oshawa Dodgers.  You made every game exciting for us and are
the reason why Troy began this journey in 2002.  To those who were
members of the team last season, we regret to have to make this
decision and we wish you the best of luck.  Each and every one of you
has made an impact on our lives and it has been great getting to know
you.  I hope you understand why this is the course of action we are
forced to take and how hard it is to see all of you go.

This decision was not made lightly.  It has been a very emotional time
for us and we have had many days of agonizing and many sleepless
nights before coming to this inevitable conclusion.  The Oshawa
Dodgers have meant more to our family than we can ever express.  
This team was not a business to us but a family who we cherished,
who we cheered on and wanted to see succeed, not just on the
baseball field, but in every facet of their lives.  Jamie and Connor May
have been the driving forces behind the Oshawa Dodgers.  These two
boys have lived and breathed the team for the past eight seasons and
have been trying arduously to carry on this team for their Dad.  To Jamie
and Connor we would like to say we are sorry we let you down and
weren’t able to continue the team that meant so much to you.  The
Dodgers are more than just a baseball team to them, it has been a
remaining connection to their father and it breaks our hearts to have to
sever this tie.

Most of all, for Troy, we are deeply sorry we could not fulfill his dream.  
Anyone who knew him knew how passionate he was about the
Oshawa Dodgers and that starting this team was a dream come true
for him.  He had two goals with the team – to win an IBL Championship
and to see his boys play for the Dodgers one day.  It is with great
sorrow that we were not able to make this happen for him and we will
always regret having failed him.  We tried our best but unfortunately that
just wasn’t good enough and is something we will have to live with.

Thank you again to all those who have assisted and supported us over
the years.  We will never forget your kindness and carry with us many
great memories.


Lori May and Kerri Drake
Oshawa Dodgers Baseball Club
Oshawa Dodgers
Player of the
The Oshawa Dodgers Gary
Carroll Playoff MVP put up
exceptional numbers in the
Dodgers quarter-final playoff
round.  With a .409 batting
average, he picked up right
where he left off in the regular
season – leading the team in
RBI, hits and homeruns.  
This individual, who is in his
second season with the
Dodgers has been a positive
influence on the field and in
the locker room.  The
Oshawa Dodgers are
pleased to present Jordan
Castaldo with the Gary
Carroll Playoff MVP award for
his outstanding contribution
in the round one playoff