Copyright 2006 Oshawa Dodgers
Adam Garner will be in the starting rotation for
the Dodgers in 2006.  Last season Adam
played for the East York Juniors where he was
named Junior Pitcher of the Year.
1.  What was the first sport that you played?        

2.  At what age did you start playing baseball and at what level?  
Age 5 playing T-Ball

3.  What number do you wear and is there any significance to it?
14. It has been my favorite number ever since

4.  Day games or Night games and why?        
Night games have a special atmosphere. You get lost in the game

5.  What is your favourite meal to prepare?        

6.  What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?        
The Big Slice

7.  How do you want to be remembered when you leave the
As a hard worker and someone who left it all on the field

8.  If you could have dinner with three people, living or deceased,
who would they be?
Nolan Ryan, Jimi Hendrix,  Wayne Gretzky                               

9.  What is the best present you have ever received?        
A signet ring for my 21st birthday

10.  Do you have any phobias?
Sometimes heights

11.  What is your favourite television show?
Prison Break

12.  If you could trade places with one person, who would it be and
Greg Maddux, because he is living the dream

13.  Who was the biggest influence on your life growing up and
My  Dad, because he supports me in everything I do, and has taught me
all that I know.

14.  Why should fans come out and watch the Oshawa Dodgers?
We are an exciting young team, and I think  we are going to surprise a few
people this year.

15.  Where do you see yourself in ten years?        
Hopefully still playing ball                  

16.  Who have been the most influential people in your baseball
My Dad

17.  What should younger players in the game do to keep
improving to get to the next level?        
Focus more on the process and the results will come.  Always work hard.

18.  What are your baseball/career goals?
To get to the highest level I can. Playing professionally being the ultimate

19.  Detail three Career Highlights:        
1996- Played in the Little League Canadian championship. 2005 - Threw a
perfect game. 2005 - Voted Ontario junior pitcher of the year.

20.  How do you spend your time when you are not playing
Working and getting together with friends

21.  What other sports did you play growing up or that you still
Hockey, golf, curling, swimming, skiing and basketball

22.  Why did you want to become a Dodger?
I have played with many of my teammates before and I get to play with my
cousin too.

23.  If you could face any player in baseball history, who would it be
and why?
Barry Bonds, because he is one of the greatest hitters in baseball history    
24.  Do you have any bad habits?
I used to bite my nails.

25.  Do you have any superstitions?
You can never ever step directly on the lines of a baseball field unless you
are hitting.
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