Copyright 2006 Oshawa Dodgers
Pat Smith comes to the Dodgers from the
University of British Columbia.  Pat will work out
of the Dodgers bullpen in the 2006 season.
1.  What was the first sport that you played?        
Baseball, I have pictures of me with one of those big orange plastic
baseball bats when I was pretty much still a baby. Man, I loved that bat!

2.  At what age did you start playing baseball and at what level?
I started playing softball when I was about 5 or so. It was one of those
leagues where the coach pitches to you.

3.  What number do you wear and is there any significance to it?
I typically wear #15. I grew up as a Catcher, and played on OBJ as a
catcher. At the time most of the good catchers wore that number, Sandy
Alomar in particular. Even though I don't catch anymore I've stuck with it!

4.  Day games or Night games and why?
I'm kind of indifferent. I like playing in the heat 'cause my arm feels great,
but playing under the lights is pretty sweet too!

5.  What is your favourite meal to prepare?        
If I've got the ingredients and the time (which is rare) I can make a mean

6.  What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?        
There's a bar out here in B.C called Roosters, and they have 5 cent
wings…Can't really beat that.

7.  How do you want to be remembered when you leave the
As a real team player, and a guy who worked his but off and would win at
all costs.

8.  If you could have dinner with three people, living or deceased,
who would they be?
I'd have to go with my late Grandfather who never really got a chance to
see me grow up, The Rocket Roger Clemens, and for the sex appeal I'll
throw Eva Longoria in the mix….Hey, the girl knows sports, and I hear she
likes me.         

9.  What is your dream job outside of playing baseball?        
If I could make decent money at it I would love to Coach… but it's probably
not going to be my career choice.

10.  What are on the walls of your room?        
I'm looking at a Poster of Will Ferell holding a blow up doll on a poarch
(Old School), another of Mohammed Ali in the ring, and another one of a
Tropical beach (that's my kick back and relax poster). To cap off the
Toronto Representation I have a Bryan McCabe Leafs Jersey hangin' up
as well.

11.  Do you have any phobias?
Not really. Heights maybe? I sometimes get a little virtigo when I look down
from my 17th floor apartment here on Campus.

12.  What is your favourite television show?
Jays in an Hour on Sportsnet. Whoever thought of that idea deserves a

13.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items
would you have with you?        
I'd say I'd bring a boat, a paddle, and a ton of beer. I'd make my way home
in no time, and I'd be in a pretty good mood when I got there too!

14.  If you could trade places with one person, who would it be and
Roger Clemens yet again… the guys' got it made.

15.  Where do you see yourself in five years?        
Graduated with my MBA, working hard and playing hard…that's the plan

16.  Why should fans come out and watch the Oshawa Dodgers?
The Management has really made an effort to change things up a bit, and
put together a solid squad this year, and I really see us putting up some
good numbers. We've got young talented guys who are really going to put
on a show for the crowd this year!

17.  Who is your role model/mentor?
I've always admired Ron Taylor, he is the Doctor of the Toronto Blue Jays,
and former major leaguer. He was always someone who I looked up to as
being an educated athlete, and was incredibly successful on the field.

18.  Who have been the most influential people in your baseball
I'd have to say my parents have been #1. They've stood by me through it
all. After that I'd have to say that my East York Coaches Peter Angelow,  
Rob Butler, Rich Butler, Tom Brown and everyone else there who helped
me along the way.

19.  What should younger players in the game do to keep
improving to get to the next level?        
Practice, Practice, Practice.. Failures will come. Just remember, If you fail
at the plate just over 60% of the time you're in the hall of fame!

20.  What are your baseball/career goals?        
For baseball I just want to be able to take it as far as I can, and use my
abilities to help me however they can. As long as I work hard, play hard,
and can be a good teammate I'll leave the game with no regrets!

21.  Detail three Career Highlights:        
Highlight #1: Grade 10 Game winning Grand Slam in high school playoffs
Highlight #2: Walk off home run to win the semi-final game in the
Mississauga Junior Tournament 2004
Highlight #3: I could think of some more, but I'll leave this one open to fill
this summer with the Dodgers!!!

22.  How do you spend your time when you are not playing
Studying, and Hangin' out with my roommates… alright, we hit the bars
here and there… Spend some time in the gym too.

23.  What other sports did you play growing up or that you still
In High School I played Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball every year until
OAC when I played football instead of Volleyball. We won the city
championships, I say it worked out well! And of course just like most
Canadian kids I played hockey as well.

24.  What is the difference between playing Junior baseball and
Intercounty baseball?
I've been watching both leagues for a while now, and considering I played
4.5 seasons in Junior ball I got kind of used to the talent in the league. I
think in Intercounty I'll see a lot more guys who will make me pay if I throw
mistake pitches, and hitters will see pitchers who are really crafty and
smart, whereas in Junior the average player can get away with a lot more

25.  Why did you want to become a Dodger?
The Dodgers seem like a real "family" ball club. This team is also young
and ready to do some Damage. There is a lot of opportunity to really make
an impact with this team, and that's what I'm really looking forward to. I'm
convinced that this was the right choice for me.

26.  Do you have any superstitions?
Not really, the pre-gamer always seems to take care of it's self haha, and
aside from that I just won't walk on the baseline on my way in and out of
the dugout.

27.  Do you have any bad habits?
I'd say my worst habit is always leaving the element on, on the stove. I
know I'm bad at it, but I always leave it on… To be honest, I would never
insure me, I'm for sure gonna burn the house down one day. (I know, that
was a lame habit)

28.  If you could face any player in baseball history, who would it be
and why?
Same as Deska, I'd like to face Ortiz. Even if he just popped out, I could
say I got Big Pappi out!...or he could hit a bomb, and then I could say Big
Pappi hit a shot off me!... that wouldn't be so bad either, I mean it's Ortiz
we're talkin' about here.
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