Copyright 2006 Oshawa Dodgers
Brian Sewell enters his second season with the
Dodgers in 2006.  Last season, Brian led the Dodgers
pitching staff in games started, complete games, wins,
innings pitched and strikeouts.
1.  What was the first sport that you played?        

2.  At what age did you start playing baseball and at what level?        
Age 8, houseleague tee ball

3.  What number do you wear and is there any significance to it?       
# 21 Andy Pettite, Paul O'Neill, Joe Sewell, number 21 is just a good

4.  Day games or Night games and why?        
Night games because I like to wear my sleeves

5.  What is your favourite meal to prepare?        
I'm pretty good with breakfast, bacon, eggs, pancakes and that kinda stuff

6.  What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?        

7.  How do you want to be remembered when you leave the
As a good team mate on and off the field

8.  If you could have dinner with three people, living or deceased,
who would they be?
My uncle, my grandmother and grandfather                        

9.  What is your dream job outside of playing baseball?        
Does such a thing exist?

10.  What is the best present you have ever received?        
One Christmas I asked for Joe Carter's rookie card, he was my favorite
player as a kid.

11.  Do you have any phobias?
Justin Wendt

12.  What is your favourite television show?
Everybody Loves Raymond

13.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items
would you have with you?        
Some good country music, beer and probably toilet paper  

14.  Who was the biggest influence on your life growing up and
My Uncle Don, took on the role of my father and taught me how to play

15.  Why should fans come out and watch the Oshawa Dodgers?
Because we all show up to play, not because someone gives us a big
cheque to pitch Sunday home games, we all play for the love of the game
and win or lose we play a hard nosed, good game of ball.

16.  Where do you see yourself in ten years?        
Teaching elementary school and ideally still playing for the Dodgers            
17.  Who have been the most influential people in your baseball
My Uncle Don, who got me started and continues to support me; Bill Down,
Jim Liness, Rick Falconer and Bob Smyth who have all coached and
taught me a lot about the game; and Mike McCrae, who has through his
negative influence and example taught me how not to play the game.

18.  What should younger players in the game do to keep
improving to get to the next level?        
Just play the game, no hot doggin'

19.  What are your baseball/career goals?
Winning an Intercounty championship would be nice one day

20.  Detail three Career Highlights:        
Winning the OUA championship in the fall of 2004, finishing second in the
Greek Nationals in 2003 and pitching the opening game against Guelph
last season.

21.  How do you spend your time when you are not playing
Studying, working, thinking about playing baseball

22.  What other sports did you play growing up or that you still
Basketball, football, soccer, boxing

23.  Why did you want to become a Dodger?
To play for an organization with class. My team mates and the coaching
staff are a good bunch of guys, I wouldn't want to play with or for anyone

24.  How does the Intercounty League compare with College
I find Intercounty baseball more challenging than college ball

25.  What are your pet peeves?
Third basemen who don't stand in front of the ball and anything
bush on the field (nothing a fastball between the shoulders can't fix though)

26.  Do you have any bad habits?
I throw the odd first pitch change-up (Sereda's favorite)

28.  Do you have any superstitions?
I don't step on the baseline when running on and off the field, don't like to
change seats when we are hitting well and usually grow a really bad playoff
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