Copyright 2006 Oshawa Dodgers
Do you have any pets?

Who is your favourite actor/actress?        
Christopher Walken

What food can you absolutely not stand to eat?

What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?
Jimmy The Greek

What is your favourite clothing store?        

What is your favourite holiday?
Martin Luther King Day

If you could have dinner with three people, living or deceased, who would they be?        
Ricky, Julian and Bubbles                        

What is your most memorable moment as an Oshawa Dodgers or if this will be your first
season, why did you want to become an Oshawa Dodger?
To be a member of a team that the city can recognize and be proud of and to have a uniform on
opening day

What type of music do you like?        
everything except the Chilli Peppers

What is your most prized possession?        
autographed Jeff Murdoch baseball

What’s your favourite quote or saying?        
"Dress everyday like you were going to be buried in those clothes"

What is your biggest regret?        
Not beating St. Mike's at the SkyDome during the Prentice Cup playoffs in 2003.

What is your favourite television show?        
The Office

Name three things you can’t live without?        
chap stick, raspberry lemonade, british comedy

What IBL team do you most look forward to playing and why?        
London. I like playing at Labatt Park

What is your favourite board game?        
Head Banz

What are your pet peeves?
walking the leadoff hitter, bad drivers, and putting the milk back in the fridge with no milk in the bag

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Berlin, to see 20th century artifacts

What is your favourite book?
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield                  

Who is your hero/role model?
My Dad. He does it all.

Do you have any phobias?
the dark
Name: Mike James Dahiroc
Birthday: July 17, 1985
Hometown: Ajax
Bats: right
Throws:  right
Favourite MLB Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Favourite Sports Team: Duke Blue Devils
Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Athlete: Manny Pacquaio                        
Favourite Number:
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Food:
Chicken Quesadilla        
Favourite Song:
Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean
Favourite Musical Artist/Group: Interpol
Favourite Movie: Blow        
Parents Names:
Siblings Names and Ages:
Christopher (19)                     
School Attending/Attended:
University of Toronto
Year of (Anticipated) Graduation: 2008                     
Most Memorable Baseball Moment:
going undefeated in the
2004 Junior Eliminations
Hobbies: Minesweeper