The Dodgers have a busy weekend ahead as we host two very important
days.   On Saturday June 28th the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town for
Rogers  Game  Day.  Rogers has been a key sponsor of the Dodgers this
season and has planned exciting events throughout the game. Also on hand
will be the Toronto Raptors Mascot to help commemorate this special day.

Sunday June 29th the Dodgers will celebrate our 3rd annual Crohn’s and
Colitis  Day.   Adam Garner (5-0) will be on the mound in support of his
cousin Matt Tosoni.  As many will remember, Matt played for the Dodgers
from  2003-2007 and was forced to sit out  his entire 2005 IBL and
collegiate seasons recovering from three  surgeries for ulcerative colitis.   
Miraculously, Matt has gone on to have a very successful college career
with the St. John’s Red Storm. As a senior this season Matt posted a 6-1
record with a  1.72 ERA – one of the best in the country.  His triumph over
ulcerative colitis is in large part thanks to the  medical advances that have
already been made in the fight against these  two  diseases. With your help
we aim to "find the cure" so no one has to suffer like Matt and the 180,000
Canadians who are struggling to cope  with  inflammatory  bowel  disease  
on  a  daily  basis.  For more information please visit and we
look forward to your support on Sunday.
Dodgers Busy Weekend Ahead