The Oshawa Dodgers are pleased to welcome back RHP Brian Sewell to
the pitching staff for 2008.  Brian enters his fourth season with the
Dodgers although was injured for the majority of the 2006 and 2007
seasons.  He has worked very hard to rehabilitate
from his shoulder injury and was primed to make a
comeback in last year’s playoffs.  Unfortunately he
was deemed ineligible due to lack of innings pitched
and although provided medical documentation, his
exception request was denied by the league’s
Commissioner.  Despite his injury, Brian has proven
to be a very valuable member of the Dodgers'
organization.  Last season when unable to play, he
continued to attend every game, often serving as
first base coach or pinch runner and as such was
rewarded with the Max Reid Award for Perseverance and Dedication at
the Dodgers season ending awards ceremony.  Going back to the 2005
season, Brian’s first year with the Dodgers, he led the team in innings
pitched, complete games, wins and strikeouts.  “We look forward to the
opportunity to see Brian back on the mound this season,” says Dodgers
Vice President Kerri Drake.  “Throughout his injury he has continued to be
an integral part of the Dodgers organization and there is no one more
dedicated and determined to compete at a high level than he is.  We are
excited to see Brian return to form and once again excel as a key member
of our pitching staff.”
RHP Brian Sewell Back For Fourth Season