Bernie McGuire Season MVP

The Bernie McGuire Season MVP award is dedicated
to long-time Oshawa Baseball Player, Umpire &
Volunteer Bernie McGuire.  The Bernie McGuire
Season MVP had an outstanding season with the
Dodgers in 2009.  He was at the top of most
offensive categories including Hits, RBI and Walks
highlighted by two three-hit 4 RBI games in mid June
versus Hamilton and Guelph.  He batted .345 over 33
games and was a solid contributor defensively
playing where ever we needed him – first, third and
in the outfield.  This individual did not miss a game
with Dodgers despite coming off a long college
season which he will head back to in the next couple
of weeks.  His passion and ability for baseball are
evident in the enormous effort he puts forth each
game.  The Oshawa Dodgers are proud to present
Jordan Castaldo with the 2009 Bernie McGuire
Season MVP Award.

Andy Stewart Rookie of the Year

The Oshawa Dodgers Andy Stewart Rookie of the
Year for 2009 was not an easy choice.  We were
fortunate to have a number of outstanding candidates
this season, each of whom made considerable
contributions to the Dodgers in ‘09.  This year’s
recipient has statistically put up some of the best
rookie numbers in the IBL.  He leads the Dodgers
and all IBL rookies with 6 homeruns.  With a .349
batting average including 29 hits – 8 of which were
doubles and 20 RBI he has had an outstanding rookie
campaign in the IBL.   Highlights include a 10-17
final week of the season where he hit 7 doubles, 2
homeruns and contributed with 9 runs scored and 7
RBI.  Congratulations to the Andy Stewart Rookie of
the Year Marcus Knecht.

Paul Quantrill Pitcher of the Year

The Paul Quantrill Pitcher of the Year Award is
named in honour of former MLB pitcher and Port
Hope native Paul Quantrill, one of the most
successful major league pitchers Canada has ever
produced.  This year’s Pitcher of the Year recipient
first started with the Dodgers as a junior call-up
from Team Ontario in the 2003 season.  He has been
a stabilizing force in the Dodgers starting rotation for
the past two seasons and holds the all-time Dodgers
regular season record for wins, complete games and
strikeouts.  This season this RHP led the Dodgers
with a 3.35 ERA over 48 innings pitched with three
complete games.  He is our go-to guy in big game
situations.  For the second consecutive season the
Oshawa Dodgers are proud to present Adam Garner
with the Paul Quantrill Pitcher of the Year Award.

Vi Christopher On-Base Percentage Award

The Vi Christoper On-Base Percentage Award is
awarded to the Dodger Player who has the highest
on base percentage in the regular season.  This
player’s constant hustle and speed are demonstrated
each and every game. The Dodgers are thrilled to
present Peter Bako with this year’s award after
leading the Dodgers with a remarkable .459 on base
percentage that included 27 hits and 16 walks.  
Congratulations Peter Bako.

Jim Lutton Volunteer of the Year

The Jim Lutton Volunteer of the Year award, is
named after longtime Oshawa Legion Minor Baseball
and Ontario Baseball Association Volunteer Jim
Lutton.  Our first recipient came on board just prior
to the start of the season.  He has one of the
toughest jobs on the team – trying to keep the
players happy and healthy.  Most people wouldn’t
realize the time and effort that goes into a Dodgers
gameday.  Our trainer Mike Robinson is responsible
for providing pre-game meals, tending to any
injuries, assisting with pre-game stretching and the
list goes on and on. Despite having a full-time job, he
attends both home and away games with the team
which can be a full-time job in itself.  A typical away
game is generally a 9 or 10 hour day from the time
the bus leaves Oshawa until it arrives back in
Oshawa following the game.   Mike has been a
tremendous asset to the Dodgers this season and has
fit in perfectly with the team.  Congratulations to
Mike Robinson on being the 2009 co-recipient of
volunteer of the year.

Our second recipient, Samantha Chilvers, made an
immediate impact on the Dodgers this season.  
Originally coming on as our game day coordinator,
her role quickly changed as we found ourselves
without an announcer mid way through the season.
Samantha stepped up and has done a tremendous job
on the PA every game in addition to her duties
coordinating volunteers and assisting with game day
activities and anything else we require.  Samantha
has become a very dedicated and valuable member of
our game day staff.  Please congratulate Samantha
Chilvers on being the 2009 co-recipient of volunteer
of the year.

Ted McComb Batting Average Award

Our next award, the Ted McComb Batting Average
Award, is named after long-time Oshawa Baseball
volunteer and the Dodgers first ever season Ticket
Holder Ted McComb. This award is presented to the
Dodger Player who has the highest batting average in
the regular season.  This year’s recipient, catcher
Peter Bako, led the Dodgers with 27 hits in 77 at-bats
for a .351 batting average.  The Pittsburgh Pirates
15th round draft pick in 2009 also tied the Dodgers
single season record with 11 stolen bases.

Max Reid Award

The Max Reid Award for perseverance & dedication
is named in honour of Max Reid.  Max was
instrumental in the work behind the inception of the
Dodgers but sadly passed away just prior to the
Dodgers inaugural season.  Max was also a longtime
volunteer with the Oshawa Legion Minor Baseball
Association.   This year’s recipient of the Max Reid
Award has made an immeasurable impact on the
Dodgers both on and off the field.   As a coach his
guidance and immense knowledge and experience
are indispensable to this young Dodgers team.  He
leads by example through his tremendous work ethic
and the intensity and desire he brings on the field
each and every game.  As a player his effort and
determination are unmatched.  He gives his all game
in and game out and demands the same from his
teammates.  He has played through incredible
adversity including injury that would force most to
quit playing however this individual’s love for
baseball would not allow him to give up.  He gives
110% every game and it has been remarked by more
than one opposing team that he is our hardest
working player. We are honoured to present the Max
Reid Award for perseverance and dedication to new
dad, Sean Travers.  Thank you Sean for your
dedication to the Dodgers these past two seasons.
We appreciate all you have done to help make the
Dodgers a success.

Troy May "Mr. Everything" Award

Our most prominent Dodger award, The Troy May
“Mr. Everything” Award embodies the reason we
continue to run the Oshawa Dodgers organization.  
This award was named after former Dodgers
Manager and Founder Troy May.  For those
who didn’t know Troy, he was involved in
absolutely every aspect of running the Dodgers.  He
found sponsors, coached, managed, recruited, in
between being President of two organizations,
coaching his son’s teams and holding down a full-
time job.   We didn’t have to look too far to find this
year’s recipient.  This deserving individual has
shown his dedication to the Dodgers in many
different ways.  He is a leader on and off the field,

Gary Carroll Playoff MVP

The Oshawa Dodgers Gary Carroll Playoff MVP put
up exceptional numbers in the Dodgers quarter-final
playoff round.  With a .409 batting average, he
picked up right where he left off in the regular
season – leading the team in RBI, hits and
homeruns.  This individual, who is in his second
season with the Dodgers has been a positive
influence on the field and in the locker room.  The
Oshawa Dodgers are pleased to present Jordan
Castaldo with the Gary Carroll Playoff MVP award
for his outstanding contribution in the round one
playoff series.
always expecting the most from his teammates and of himself.  Greg Byron is
currently in his 5th season with the Dodgers.  Ironically last season he was
involved in a trade that sent him to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I can personally
attest that this was a very difficult decision for the Oshawa Dodgers organization,
but as the old adage goes, you have to give up something good to get something
good in return.  Fortunately, we had developed a good relationship with Greg over
the years and when the opportunity arose in the off-season to get him back we
jumped at the chance.  Greg has always been a loyal and dedicated member of the
Dodgers pitching staff.  He took this a step further this season taking on leadership
role with the club.  When the Dodgers coaching staff was unavailable for a few
games this season, Byron stepped up and took charge, willing to do anything to
help his team.  Whatever we needed he did.  From being the first one at the
diamond, getting the field ready prior to games, helping to run pre-game clinics and
even going from Managing the first game of a doubleheader in London to pitching
the next.  Obviously not only do we rely on Greg’s leadership but of course his on
field talent as well.  Byron leads the team in wins, with five, complete games and
innings pitched. Thank you Greg for your years of service with the Dodgers.  I
know Troy would have been proud of you, as are we, with the way you have
stepped up for the Dodgers this season.
2009 Oshawa Dodgers Awards