Full Name: Kerri Lynne Drake
Birthday:  May 15, 1978
Position:  Vice-President
Hometown: Oshawa
School:  York University
Favourite Team: Toronto Raptors
Favourite Athlete: Mario Lemieux / Jesse Barfield
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman / Cocktail / How to
Lose a Guy in Ten Days/ For Love of the Game
Favourite MLB Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Favourite Colour:  Pink
Most Memorable Baseball Moment:
Game 5 of the Dodgers playoff series v. Barrie in
2008 when the Dodgers won their first ever
playoff series!
Kerri Drake has been a member of the Dodgers' executive since the team's inception as Vice
President.  Kerri graduated from York University in 2002 with a degree in Business. She is
currently employed in the Legal department at General Motors of Canada Ltd.